General Frequently Asked Questions

Investing on CrowdingLab crowdfunding platform is permitting to natural persons who reached the age of majority and all legal entities. Prior to making an investment it is important to confirm your identity by linking CrowdingLab account with Paysera account.
Yes. You need to create an investor account with your own name and in the end of the registration form, you have to choose „Select this if you represent a company “. Make sure to add the full name of your business and a correct registry code. Before investing you are required to send us an accurate copy of your government-issued identification document.
Minimum investment amount is €50 in one crowdfunding project on CrowdingLab platform. There is no maximum restriction on the investment amount and number of funding projects.

There is information available next to every crowdfunding project on its developers, capital type, risk group, loan repayment term, estimated return on investment, etc. We recommend considering all information provided on a project before making your investment choice.

Crowdinglab makes it easy for investors to access a variety of investments with a relatively small amount of capital. The minimum amount for investment is €50, which enables to create a diversified portfolio. All loans are secured with a mortgage.
CrowdingLab crowdfunding platform has no access to your funds. They are available on your personal Paysera account. However, linking the accounts allows seeing the amount available on your Paysera account as balance on CrowdingLab platform. The balance displayed is your Paysera account balance.
  1. Prior to starting investing, you need to register on CrowdingLab platform.
  2. Following registration and logging in, you must link the CrowdingLab account with your Paysera account in order to confirm your identity. If you do not have a Paysera account, you can create one during the linking process.
  3. Select a crowdfunding project for investment in real estate on the CrowdingLab platform, click ‘Invest’, enter the amount and confirm the investment.
  4. The funds available on your personal Paysera account will be used for investments on CrowdingLab platform: the platform will reserve the amount of your choice in the Paysera account.
  5. Once a full amount required for the project is collected and all loan guarantee funds are received, the reserved amount will be debited from your Paysera account. Interest will be calculated from that moment on.
Depending on the project characteristics the annual interest rate can be from 8% to 16%.
No fees shall apply to the Investors. All expenses are covered by the borrowers.
You will start earning interest after the required documentation and creation of pledge is completed.
We do not pay interest on uninvested funds. To get the best return from using our platform you should invest your money into open projects to minimize uninvested funds.
All Loans will be ensured with a mortgage and/or by other warranty types such as personal warranty and pledge by the Project Owner, bank warranty letter, etc. In the case of successful funding of the Project, the Project Owner should protect the investment by signing the agreement with the Operator to create a mortgage. The mortgage shall be registered at the State Register (with the Operator as mortgagee on behalf of the investors).
Crowdinglab is not a bank, thus we are not in scope of banking laws and regulations. Like with most forms of investing, lending carries a degree of risk. We reduce this risk to our investors by conducting thorough due diligence and by taking asset security on every loan, in case the borrower is unable to repay their loan. Crowdinglab does not guarantee your loans.
CrowdingLab platform is an intermediary between the investor and the project owner offering a range of carefully selected projects of the highest creditworthiness, however, the investor shall assume all possible risks: risk of full or partial loss of funds allocated for funding (capital); absence of potential profit and financial liquidity risks.
However, these scenarios are highly improbable. CrowdingLab, acting as the creditors’ representative, will ensure repayment of investments: whenever necessary, transfer of property pledged by the project owner may be initiated and other measures may be taken to ensure repayment of an investment.
After the credit crunch and the recession, the risk appetite of banks has reduced significantly, which means that banks have tightened their lending criteria. Banks have a strict criterion, which is not borrower friendly and thereby many loan applications are rejected by banks.  CrowdingLab is a small and flexible organization which is willing to help these companies that are denied the bank financing, despite their strong business plan and solid collateral.

Register, invest and relax while you earn money