General Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate projects in EU which are approved by our team can access funding through Crowdinglab. However, there is no limitation on the type of projects that can be submitted for approval. As long as the project has a property element to it and the property is capable of being used as security for the debt, please feel free to submit it for approval.
All projects are carefully assessed by the CrowdingLab team and our advisers. We take into consideration both the project owner’s credit history and rating, and the project itself, evaluate the business plan and payback opportunities, etc.
The LTV indicator provided next to each crowdfunding project shows the loan amount to pledged property value ratio. The lower the indicator, the lower the investment risk, as in a case of non-repayment of the loan, the value of property sold will then be higher than the loan. Lower LTV indicator means lower risk of not recovering the investments if property prices drop due to a crisis.
After logging in to CrowdingLab crowdfunding platform, in your Investor profile in section My Investments you will always be able to find a summary of information on the project. Full information is available under the project, while as an investor, you will be notified about all updates or supplementations by e-mail.
If the necessary investments are not collected, the project will not be funded. CrowdingLab does not have access to your funds; until confirmation of the project, the amount invested will be simply reserved on your Paysera account. If the project is not confirmed, the reservation will be cancelled, and the money will remain on your account.
In this case, CrowdingLab will initiate the loan recovery procedure. If your money is not repaid, the property pledged by the borrower will be sold to return money to the investors.

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