General Frequently Asked Questions

Only companies registered in EU can currently borrow through CrowdingLab. When selecting the projects, we assess the creditworthiness of their owners and companies, and the project’s business plan; we also try to ensure that the LTV (Loan-to-Value) indicator does not exceed 75 percent. We will have to approve your project before you are allowed to post your loan application on CrowdingLab platform.
Real estate projects in EU which are approved by our team can access funding through Crowdinglab. However, there is no limitation on the type of projects that can be submitted for approval. As long as the project has a property element to it and the property is capable of being used as security for the debt, please feel free to submit it for approval.
Only legal entities, i.e. only companies, may apply for investment via the CrowdingLab crowdfunding platform.
To apply for a loan, you need to register as a borrower, open an account with Paysera, fill in the loan application and provide us with documentation required in the application form. Do not hesitate to contact us once you have a question or concerns on
Requested loan amount, period, interest and repayment schedule

Description of the project – how will be the money used; description of the mortgage (location, condition).

Appraisal report

Business plan


If applicable, information about previous projects and introduction of the borrower.

All documents can be uploaded in the loan application form. Additional documents can be sent to

We will contact potential borrowers soon after an enquiry or application has been made.
We will go through loan application, ask additional documentation or questions where necessary. It will take approximately 2-3 days to evaluate the application and write the loan application, assuming all paperwork is in place. After the final examination is made the loan will be opened for investing on the platform.
The syndication process can take up to 2 weeks. How fast the project is funded depends mostly on the attractiveness of the project.
The borrower signs up on, opens Paysera account and fills in the loan request.
CrowdingLab will assess the borrower’s credit worthiness, business plan and the appraisal report of the collateral, to ensure the borrower is able to make the loan repayments and to avoid the situation, where investors' capital is at risk. After approval of the loan request the loan will be opened on the Crowdinglab platform, where investors can assess the risk and invest into the loan.  When the loan is funded, the pledge will be created and the loan will be paid out to the borrower.  
CrowdingLab is charging 3-4% of total loan amount in case of successful funding process and 0-2% annual administration fee. In case of a delay in the loan repayment, several fees need to be paid by borrower.
Yes, interest rate paid by the borrower is fixed throughout the loan period. The payment frequency and interest rate can vary depending on the loan type.
In case the loan does not get funded, the contracts will end instantly, and all the invested funds will be released to the respective investors accounts.

The borrower also has the ability to accept the amount that was raised.

The borrower is obliged to make the repayments according to the agreed repayment schedule. Investors can track repayments on the portfolio page and withdraw or reinvest all the receivables.
You are asked to specify the target funding amount and your desired pricing when you apply for funding on the Crowdinglab platform. Once we have approved your project and performed all other checks, we will discuss and agree an appropriate interest rate level with you before you can publish your loan request. All loans are with a fixed interest rate.

The target funding amount can be from €20,000 to €1 million. Loans are amortizing with a tenor of 3 to 24 months.
Borrowers are able to repay the loan earlier. We do not charge any fees for paying loans back earlier. In case of repayment of a loan, the remaining balance of the administration fee must be fully paid simultaneously with the repayment of the loan.
Yes, borrowers are able to extend the loan period. Before the loan is extended, CrowdingLab will ask the reasons behind the decision. If the reasons are acceptable, the borrower is required to pay 1000€ to update the contract.
Yes, we do offer loans secured by land or forest.

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