General Frequently Asked Questions

When you transfer the money into Paysera account, an electronic equivalent of cash used for transfers will be created. This means that your money will be kept in a separate account at one of the Lithuanian banks and are independent of Paysera. This system guarantees that in the event of bankruptcy of Paysera, all funds will be immediately returned.

CrowdingLab is a facilitator of real investments and will not offer the management of assets. All investment contracts will be signed between the Project Owner and the Funder. Funds of Funders will be separated from the Operators operational funds. In case of the Operator’s financial difficulties or bankruptcy, the funds of Funders will be safe and still be accessed. In such an unlikely event, a contractual entity will be appointed to take over the role of the Operator to serve all the investments.

CrowdingLab crowdfunding platform is supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, thus, it also approved the platform’s business continuity plan. Its purpose is to protect the investors in the event of the company’s bankruptcy. The plan identifies the main risks and the action plant to execute if CrowdingLab operations were to be suspended. In this case, the following key actions have been identified:
  • Suspension of the release of new loans.
  • Transfer of loan administration to a temporary administrator.
  • Pursuant to public procurement, the temporary administrator would sell the loan portfolio to another operator, who would continue administration of settlement with the investors.
Investors' money is held in a separate Paysera client bank account. The account is separated from CrowdingLab’s operational bank account and is protected in the unlikely event that anything happens with CrowdingLab. Uninvested money that is on your account can be withdrawn instantly.
Protection of the funds invested is ensured by means of such guarantees of performance of the loan obligations as the pledge of immovable property, personal surety, etc. These measures are specified next to each investment project individually and may differ per project.

It is important to know that CrowdingLab platform does not have access to any funds: they are directed from the investor’s Paysera account to the project owner’s account and vice versa. For this reason, the funds are secure even in the event of occurrence of unexpected platform operation circumstances.

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