How To Invest

How it works

Follow these 4 easy steps to start earning guaranteed returns


Register for a free investor account on the CrowdingLab platform.

Add Money

Add money to your Paysera account


Browse active investments, choose the most suitable project and invest.


Relax and earn over the market returns

For all payments, CrowdingLab uses payment processor Paysera, which is e-money licensed in the EU and is regulated by the Lithuanian National Bank. It is a safe and reliable company with customers from all over the European Union.

Why does CrowdingLab use Paysera?
We want to maximize the safety of your investments, and our business model is unique. We do not collect your money to our deposit account; instead, we link investors’ Paysera wallets to borrowers’ wallets via a technical account. This way is safer since Paysera handles all the transactions under e-money license. At every moment, your money is in your personal Paysera account, ori if an investment is choosen by you, in the tehnical account.And this way you have acces to Paysera and all the benefits free of charge.
How can you open a Paysera account?
You can simply register on our CrowdingLab platform. If you create your Paysera account directly through Paysera, you can link it to CrowdingLab in one click when registering as an investor. During the process, you will need to confirm your email, valid phone number and send a copy of your passport.
You can read more about Paysera here. ( )

How to invest?

  • Register
  • Activate your integrated Paysera account and link it with CrowdingLab in order for us to do the KYC with Paysera.
  • Deposit funds into your personal Paysera account.
  • Choose which loans in the marketplace you’d like to invest in.
  • Relax and let CrowdingLab work for you, while you receive over the market returns.
CrowdingLab offers you, the investor, a variety of investment choices for your money.
Your account has a continuously adapted loan applications list, which shows you only pre-vetted, high-quality borrowers with already verified applications.

When do you start earning real money?
According to the loan repayment schedule, you earn interest. Each loan has its own personalized repayment scheme, availabe from the begining for the investor. All your funds will constantly remain in your own Paysera account, safely and transparently managed.

Register, invest and relax while you earn money