Our Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Stefan is an active member in the Romanian society of entrepreneurs and has continuously been involved in funding both, startups and civic projects that better the community and grow accessibility to knowledge.
He has more than 15 years expertize in finance and has developed from scratch Extra Finance, one of the largest and most profitable and the only non-bank lender in Romania to issue loans to SME, Real Estate, Consumer, Online and Warrants. He has grown the company's assets from 200.000 to 15.000.000 euros and has developed it as a greenfield investment.
He also turned around SIRA in just 3 years from a business that was going bankrupt to a successful business and then a profitable exit.SIRA is one of Romania’s first asset management companies. Stefan grew in just 6 months, pushed by a new vision and his personal touch, SIRA’s assets from 500.000 Euro to 9.000.000 Euro.
He believes in the power of technology and CrowdingLab its just the natural path in using his knowledge and experience in opening market opportunities that were until now only available for institutions, to public investors.

Alvydas KAUSYS
Alvydas KAUSYS
Deputy CEO

Alvydas is a proactive individual and results-driven business leader. His career has been dedicated to the development of the companies he has worked for.
He has been a part of Ria Financial team in Dublin for 4 years as a business development manager and has taken key decisions in organizational need, logistics, research and development of sales.
In 2017 he returned home to Vilnius, Lithuania with the dream of bringing all of his international experience to work in developing the financial market and business environment.
Every step of his past experience has made him the perfect professional to be part of the leading team at CrowdingLab.

Loan Analyst

Over 10 years of experience in the “world of finance” (CIT Group Finance, Carlow Town & County Council finance Department, Ediro) and running my own business, made me a person who knows how to “turn the tables”. Integrity, dedication and key decision making is an integral part of who I am.

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