Fueling innovation in the Romanian and Lithuanian financial markets
  • Nov 19, 2018
  • By CrowdingLab Team
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Fueling innovation in the Romanian and Lithuanian financial markets

Our society has been reshaped by technology from the way we interact, to the mechanisms that we rely on when we make decisions. The greatest power that the era of technology has given to investors is knowledge.

How does it work is the first question that pops into one's mind, especially since crowdfunding is a new financial business model in eastern Europe. Crowding Lab is essentially a crowdfunding marketplace platform that allows individuals to invest online in secured projects in the form of a loan. In order to spread the risk and maximize de revenue, each project is funded by a series of investors according to their investment account and preferences.

What does it mean for investors?

Amazing news for sure. Is the first time Romanian citizens have the opportunity to invest in online secured projects. Crowding Lab offers revenues of up to 15% which means an overwhelming advantage over a classic return from a bank of up until 1,6%. On the other hand, international investors have open access to a broad variety of Romanian projects, both in real estate and SME’s.

How is CLab going to impact the Romanian business environment?

Our goal is making a steady but definitely game-changing transition to fintech in eastern Europe. The era of access to finance for the population means cutting edge advantages for both, investors and borrowers.
On one hand, we are fostering the development of profitable investing mechanisms for the entire society, meanwhile offering funding opportunities for the businesses that depend on our fast, safe and reliable procedures.

Pay our website a visit and spread the news. Technology is here to stay and Crowding Lab is the perfect opportunity for you to grow!

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